4 May 2017

A propos

Startdoon : An Armenian House for startup Success

Our mission: Empower the Armenian diaspora in the digital economy, and leverage the Armenian community for startup success.

Startdoon, the home of of Armenian entrepreneurs, by:

  • Federating the networks, within the digital era
  • Providing advice and expertise for startups
  • Incubating new managerial talents
  • Create the bridge between France and Armenian digital economies

Our Value Proposition

  • Hay Mentors Committee (HMC)
  • Providing specific network opportunities through events and relationships
  • Interacting with experts in specific fields (legal, finance, marketing, technology…)
  • Introducing Venture Capitals
  1. Our team / who are we?

(Include here our team and roles in the organization)

startdoon by G2IA

G2IA is the mothership of startdoon. startdoon works in interaction with the G2IA, leveraging the powerful network of accomplished armenians across different professions and industries.

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